Choosing your path is a pivotal decision. Businesses come in various shapes and sizes, each with unique characteristics. Some aspire to expand to larger markets, while others find fulfilment in staying local. Business orientations range from product-focused to service-oriented, with disruptors introducing innovative and groundbreaking offerings. Tune into your intention and direction.

Your business orientation will, to some extent, guide your chosen pathway. Additionally, your current phase as well as your understanding of your problem, solution, and target market play a crucial role in determining the right path. The benefit of a pathway extends beyond the tangible deliverables. Business coaching becomes a bonus, seamlessly woven into your co-creation with us.

Below, you'll find a brief overview of the different membership pathways and
the types of entrepreneurs or phases they align with best. Find spaciousness
within yourself to connect with your heart and your gut, and ask yourself, "What
pathway will allow me and my team to serve best?" During our discovery call,
we'll listen to your insights and guide you to the best decision.


Our pathways represented here have been designed for Llumeria partners. We can tailor a package for your ongoing service needs post the initial creation process.