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Pathway 1

Pathway 1

At Pathway 1, we believe in laying a strong foundation for your business growth journey. Here's how we can guide you:

Research 1 is a foundational prerequisite for all our memberships. This initial exploration guides our strategies, helping us grasp your business landscape and craft forward-moving plans effectively. Research 1 includes:

  • Business model & core objectives
  • Target market overview & avatar
  • Competitor market overview & SWOT
  • Solution orientation road map

Coaching 1 is designed to create a strong, enduring presence in your industry. We provide the fundamental building blocks for your growth, emphasising core values, ethical practices, and a family-oriented approach. We highlight work-life balance and provide practical, action-based strategies. Our commitment to asking better questions and fostering a culture of grounded love sets the stage for your success.

Branding 1 is a fundamental prerequisite for all our services. Whether you already have some branding ideas or elements but need a cohesive brand pack or prefer a partial branding solution, Level 1 is your basic solution for telling a visually cohesive story across all other developing touchpoints. Branding 1 includes:

  • One brand concept
  • Brand palette, Canva grade logo, typography + basic usage guidelines

Website Development 1 includes:

  • Foundational SEO Optimisation
  • Shopify Website + Training
  • Pages: Home page, About us page, Product page, Contact us page

Social Media 1 is your basic strategy for a consistent social media presence. Social Media 1 includes:

  • Tone & storytelling
  • Basic social media audit
  • Content guide

Email Flows 1 is your basic strategy for nurturing your clients through core journeys. Email Flows 1 includes:

  • Strategy & user journey mapping
  • A choice between 2 template design concepts
  • 2 Automated flows (e.g. welcome & thank you series etc - max. 4 emails)
  • AI-generated copy
  • Klaviyo implementation & training

Content Creation Strategy 1 includes a brief overview of content creation requirements. This document outlines the content creation requirements and serves as a strategic guide for your content creation. It is designed to ensure alignment with your specific needs and brand identity. 

*PLEASE NOTE: This strategy does not encompass the actual creation of content, however, we do provide this service. Upon onboarding, we will confirm your preference for content creation and quote according to location if you choose Love Loop Association for this service.

IMPORTANT: Website and Social Media Content Creation is an essential component of each Pathway, however, it is not included in this price. If you have existing content that aligns with the branding and strategies we create we are happy to use your assets. Any further content creation required is quoted separately if choosing to employ Love Loop Association for this service, pricing is based on location and project requirements.

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