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Ongoing Memberships

Ongoing Memberships

Managing and continually enhancing your digital presence is a formidable task. Imagine having a subscription with people who truly get your brand!

Instead of going it alone or rushing to hire various freelancers for different tasks, our ongoing memberships are designed to offer continuous backing for the key digital offerings crucial for today's business success. This ensures you steady and ongoing support with a strategic approach.

We offer tiered memberships tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives. This collaborative approach guarantees our support each month, covering all facets of your digital presence to foster growth and success!

Each membership includes a strategic marketing guide, aimed to steer our journey together over 6, 9, or 12 months. Explore the three tiers to discover the perfect match for the requirements and growth ambitions of your organisation. Monthly Inclusions:

Member Level


6 Month Contract Based on 10-12 hours a week support.

Website Management

  • 1 hour of website minor changes, functionality, + optimisation checks
  • Performance analysis + recommendations
  • SEO keyword monitoring + basic adjustments
  • Social media integration + sharing optimisation

Social Media Management

  • Scheduling: 3 posts, 1 reel, 6 stories each week
  • 5 days a week support 9am-2pm
  • Community interaction management level 1
  • Multi-platform (2 social channels - ie. Instagram, Facebook)
  • Quarterly analytics and detailed reporting
  • Bi-annual recommendations

Asset Creation

  • Using brand-created media for all services
  • Sourcing stock brand-aligned images/videos for supporting visuals
  • Simple overlays and basic GIFs
  • 10-60 second video reels with text overlays and trending audio level 1
  • DOES NOT encompass advanced video editing techniques for intricate reels or content creators

Email Marketing

  • 4 hours of email flow copy/image/CTA updates + link checks
  • Creation of 1 basic EDM campaign email
  • Analytics + reporting of flows + campaigns
  • 1 hour of additional adhoc support (e.g. creating a lead capture/sign-up form on your website)
  • 30 minute 1-on-1 strategy session for implementation
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