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Conduit Energy

Conduit Energy

Take charge of your business potential with the Conduit Pack. These crystals are selected to empower your leadership skills, amplify your decision-making, and facilitate the flow of positive energy in your professional life.

  • Kyanite - Enhance communication skills, ensuring your business ideas are conveyed clearly and persuasively.
  • Herkimer Diamonds - Boost intuition and gain clarity of thought, making strategic business decisions with confidence.
  • Clear Apophyllite - Amplify intentions and connect with higher guidance for making sound business choices.
  • Aragonite - Promote practicality and organization, enhancing your ability to manage business affairs efficiently.
  • Blue Onyx - Strengthen self-control and decision-making, becoming a more effective and authoritative leader.

Empower your business endeavours with the Business Empowerment Crystal Kit, allowing you to lead, decide, and thrive with unwavering confidence.

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