When the Stars Align for Your Business: using Astrology as a map.

When the Stars Align for Your Business: using Astrology as a map.

Can astrology really help you to make better decisions? Many of us might think it’s a bit “woo-woo” but the truth is that astrology has a long history when it comes to business. It was used by many prominent people throughout history, including Julius Caesar, Isaac Newton, Napoleon Bonaparte, and even Warren Buffett. So why not give it a try? Let’s take a look at how astrology can serve you as a map when it comes to making decisions in your business.

Astrology is a map

Astrology can help us to determine the best time to start or launch something. This technique is known as “Electional Astrology”.  Through studying celestial movements and planetary alignments, one can determine when the stars are most favourable for any particular endeavour, such as a new project, product launch or even making an important decision. But also, serves as a guide to where you should focus your energy or plan during that specific moment of the year.

For example, while September and October, during Libra Season, are great moments to work on your business’s internal processes, policies and systems, we recommend launching new projects, ideas or products during Leo Season (July and August).

Astrology can help business owners to predict the potential outcomes of certain decisions or actions. By analysing current astronomical events such as eclipses and transits (the movement of planets through the zodiac), an experienced astrologer can provide insights into what may lie ahead for any particular action or event. 

That’s why Astrology is a map! Because by understanding future possible future scenarios, businesses can make informed decisions about what steps to take next. 

Your business is a separate entity from you and has a star sign.

Does your business define you? Is it an extension of who you are? It’s a common mistake for small business owners to see their business as an extension of themselves. We’re so focused on making our businesses successful that it can be hard to separate them from our own identities. But, if we want our businesses to succeed, it is important to take a step back and see them as independent things that are connected to us but not the same as us.

When you begin to see your business as something completely separate from yourself, you open yourself up to new possibilities and strategies. Instead of being too close-minded when obstacles arise, you're able to think of creative solutions because you aren't taking everything personally anymore. This can help keep stress levels down and keep morale high in the workplace. 

Your business has its own energy, personality, weaknesses, strengths and a star sign

Another benefit of seeing your business as something independent is that it allows other people to contribute more freely without feeling like their ideas are being shut down by the boss or owner. When your staff feels like their ideas are valued and respected in the workplace, they tend to be more productive and engaged in their work - which can lead to higher profits for your business! 

The Zodiac sign of your business

Knowing your business’s star sign helps you to better understand its unique strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to make the most of them.

Of course, you will first need to know when your business was born. Well, every person and business is different. For some people is the day they named it and for others is when they legally registered it. It needs to feel right for you. When did it feel real? 

For us, Love Loop was born the day Emma, Love Loop’s founder, registered the business name. Love Loop was born on February 10th, which makes Aquarius her sun sign, Gemini her moon and a Cancer rising. We now utilise this information by incorporating it into our intentions, goals and projects. 

About Love Loop

Love Loop creates, integrates and manages systems that scale businesses. We see the recipe for business growth as an interconnected system of elements that work together as a whole. 

We don’t only design and integrate websites, e-mail flows and e-mail marketing, social media, content creation and more, but we also help business owners to create a successful identity for their businesses as well as a branding strategy and campaign. We use astrology to guide us and our clients throughout this process. So far,  we helped more than 35 brands to scale and we keep counting! 

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