We started this journey with the purpose of helping heart-driven businesses to grow and achieve their dreams through strategic systems and solid foundations. In the beginning, we were following our vision and taking every step without knowing exactly what was going to happen next. As with every new business, we learnt from all the unexpected results.

After working with 30 heart-driven businesses and projects, creating 25 websites, growing 23 social media accounts and more, much more, we feel confident enough to take Love Loop to a higher level. 

You know what they say … from discomfort comes growth. And that is how we felt at Love Loop and why we decided to rebrand. This “discomfort” came from our intuition telling us that we could do more, help more, and create more. That we didn’t want to be seen as the “website design agency” or the “social media agency”, but as the company that creates integrated systems that support businesses’ development.

So think about this rebrand as the birth of Love Loop 2.0, where all the experience we gained by creating systems for businesses, will be reflected on our website, brand colours, symbols, content, socials and all of our channels of expression and connection. 

And although our motivation and philosophy are the same, we decided to make some adjustments so that how we talk and show Love Loop to the world is aligned with how we work and how we make things happen.

In a nutshell, there are 3 main reasons why we decided to rebrand and we want to share them and inspire you.

1. Feminine and masculine balance

We adore bees and flowers and everything they represent and while our founding logo brought strong feminine energy to the table, we felt the absence of the masculine side of Love Loop.

That is why we decided to transform our logo into a new concept that resonates more with our way of creating systems and successful businesses.

2. Transmit a stronger image

We feel stronger, brave and sure of what we do. Love Loop’s incredible expansion in the past 6 months as well as our client’s businesses left our whole team without any doubts that we can achieve what we propose. 

Although for many people half a year might feel too soon to re-brand, we are not afraid of change, evolving and adapting. If something is not working, do something different.

3. New words were needed

As we evolved and expanded, we needed a new way of talking about Love Loop. What Love Loop does, how and why required a transformation. The truth is that we surprised ourselves with all the amazing things we are capable of doing and our brand language didn’t seem to be enough to transmit that. 

We create integrated systems for business growth. 

Just like a car and its gears, a successful business is built by components that work as a system. So the recipe for a profitable project isn’t a pretty website, an original logo, a bit of social media and some e-mail marketing here and there, but the confluence of all of these and having solid foundations. 

When you implement the right systems, you create for yourself both more time and mental freedom. With this time and mental energy, you can work to grow your brand instead of burying yourself in busy work.

“Usually is the lack of time that prevents business owners
from growing their business and spending time on the things
that really matters. This problem eventually leads to burnout.
The answer lies in business systems”. Emma Anderson, Love Loop founder.


How does it work?

1. Planning and design

A system is built to streamline growth, achieve specific goals and/or solve a certain business issue. Every business is different and so the system required for jumping to the next level. That’s why, the first step is to plan and design a customised system that not only responds to your business resources and reality, but also operates from a heart place. 

We believe that an integrated system is a key to accelerating growth, saving business owners time and elevating every area of their lives. 


2. Creation

Like every system, a business is composed of strong foundations and dynamic elements. So we don’t only give you the recipe but also build and manage these parts, from Branding and E-commerce websites to Social Media content and Email flows. 

Once created, a system doesn’t require intensive thought or effort, is automatic and becomes a process. And that’s exactly what we do.


3. Integration

An integrated system means that all the elements work together as a whole, streamlining your business sales process and growth. After building a customized framework for your business growth, we integrate it. 

We may use Apps or Plugins, or even help you to improve and redesign your sales funnel, but the ultimate goal will always be simplifying your life and leveling up your business.

Find out more about how we integrate business systems in our last case study. (Learn More).

4. Management

We manage our client’s websites and social media as an ongoing service, where we take even more weight off their shoulders and do all those things that you probably don’t have the time of doing. 

Love Loop offers social media and website management packages to suit your brand needs. (Learn More)

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