Leo Season

Leo Season

We bloggers are sometimes deep thinkers. For example, if pencils came with erasers at both ends, what would be the point?


Happy Leo season from all of us in the hive!

 Leo season, a time to take centre stage!!  

Dry your Cancer season tears, because the sun enters glitzy and glamorous Leo on July 23 and officially turns up the heat on summer. This kicks off Leo season 2022, bringing all zodiac signs a sense of optimism and a big boost to our confidence levels. This is the time for dynamic plans and rapid transformations, especially when light and heat are in full expansion and all-natural processes are amplified by the power of the Sun.

Apart from the excitement, joy of life, playfulness, and passion, Leo season will be a time of all kinds of events. Use this time to display your creative talents, to experiment, love, shine and inspire. No matter how much chaos and melodrama we see around us, your sense of humour will help you get through all the unpleasant things that may happen.

Leo season 2022 is a time when we can be inspired by the courage and confidence with which Leo approaches life and we can allow ourselves to shine brightly in our own unique and authentic way.


Planetary influences this Leo Season

During the final days of the month, on July 28, we welcome Jupiter retrograde, lasting through to late November. Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance, so unlike some planetary retrogrades, its effects aren’t usually too troublesome. Instead, Jupiter’s backspin is a time where we can process our spiritual and philosophical growth, question our belief systems, and explore the bounds of our ideologies. While the retrograde begins in Aries, Jupiter will eventually moonwalk back into its traditional home sign of Pisces, giving us a few more months of the Jupiter in Pisces magic we experienced earlier this year.

 Mars’ transit in Leo brings many beneficial changes. This will be an advantageous period for love and life, creating many reasons to smile. 

 The feisty Leo season flame will burn extra brightly during the July 2022 new moon on July 28, during which the sun and moon will align in this fire sign’s realm and kick off a fresh lunar cycle. The new moon in Leo is a beautiful time to start chasing after your passions, planting seeds for future creative endeavours, and putting yourself out there in a big way.


The Lions Gate Portal

The lion's gate portal opens every year on August 8 when the sun in Leo, the star Sirius, Orion's Belt, and the Earth all line up. This creates an immensely powerful portal of energy, which is especially potent for manifesting.

 So, how can you actualise all of this powerful eight-energy?

 1. Lean into your inner Leo.

Leo contains and represents love, generosity, leadership, and creativity. When the sun is Leo, the entire world benefits from an infusion of these energies. The best way to make the most of the Lion's Gate is to do Leo things and aim to intensify the natural energy of the moment as much as possible.

 2. Focus on love

Do things that bring joy during and just before the Lion's Gate to open and expand your heart

 3. Prepare for massive shifts

The Lion's Gate portal is also a good time to "examine how you're currently exerting your power and consider the type of power you'd like to yield in the future." This makes it an opportunity to start manifesting what you want to call in. Just don't act rashly or focus on short-term gains, as eight represents the number of infinity. Instead, use your energy wisely and trust that rapid growth is in store, preparing for blastoff!


Leo season is a time for actionable changes and really putting the time and energy into the things we say we are going to do. It's all well and good talking about what we want to do but showing up for ourselves and getting it done sounds way better right?

Coaching sessions with Love Loop gives you an incredible opportunity to optimise your performance in any area of your life that lacks stability. We can give you the tools and step by step procedures to bring your ideas and goals into reality.

If you're not clear on your direction and idea's it will manifest into your space or business and present itself as a "problem" and could become way bigger than it has to be. But.. the good news is- "it's only a problem if there's no solution". Emma's coaching sessions helps you solve those blocks or "perceived" problems you may have in your mind. Ultimately giving you solid foundations to move forward with confidence and clarity.


Our websites are built on one of the most well known servers in the industry- Shopify. 

Shopify offers quick and easy setups as well as incredible security and reliability. The server offers flexibility for your brand with simple and effective mobile use. It’s highly flexible with over 6000 apps available on the Shopify App Store to customise the user experience.

 Leo season is a time to test and expand our beliefs around website design. It's time to show your business off and be proud of it! We encourage you to take the time to reflect on your current business goals and see where you want to take the next step in your business. What will surface for you in Leo season

 This Leo season we are finalising a number of really beautiful websites that we can't wait to show you!

*Chrysalis Tattoo



*Honey Heels

*Made with love Ceramics

Keep an eye out on our social media for sneak previews of what we have created!


This month we encourage you to tap into your brand and feel if anything needs reviewing or any changes can be made to move into alignment with your vision. Often in branding we can get stuck with what we have because it's "easier" or "too much work" to rebrand. With time, energy changes around your vision and growth can lead you in other directions. Rebranding doesn't have to be a scary process! It could be simple as a logo change or adapting your brand voice so it's in more alignment with your brand. Branding is the heart and soul behind your business and as your brand grows and expands its important to keep everything around your business expanding too. Rebranding also shows your clients and potential customers that you are evolving and you can let them be part of the process as well.

We specialise in branding and rebranding so if you're reading this and it aligns with how you're feeling, connect with us and we would love to discuss how we can support your rebranding process!

 Email Marketing

Why email marketing? Email marketing creates a reliable form of communication between your brand and your customers. It’s a cost-effective solution to reach customers where they visit every day — their inbox. Did you know- A study from Adobe estimates that millennials spend about 6.4 hours each day reading their emails.

It’s not just millennials using email. Most people use email daily, and they check their inbox everywhere they go.

Our email marketing services keep you connected with your clients on a monthly basis. It gives you the opportunity to reach an already targeted audience and deliver more personal information about your brand. The benefits of email marketing allows you to nurture your relationships with the people who really care about your vision.

 Social Media

Social media has become such an incredible platform for your business to be seen and heard as frequently as you would like. Your social media presence gives you so much opportunity to connect with people and potential clients all around the world. Did you know that 58.4% of the world's population uses social media. The average daily usage is 2 hours and 27 minutes!

Rhiana our Social Media Accounts Manager has been busy creating our social media cleanse checklist and launched last week on our media platforms. The pdf version of the cleanse will be available as our free gift for you to apply to your personal or business platforms. You can find our pdf version on our website. We would love your feedback once you have completed our cleanse. We have already received incredible results from multiple businesses who have done our cleanse. Yasmin from Self n Soul, a beautiful healing clinic at Coral Cove has completed our cleanse and within 2 days had tripled her website clicks! Congratulations Yasmin.

 This month we will be starting social media services for Optimum Thinking and Hire Ground. We are super excited to represent both of these amazing brands online and can't wait to share their vision with you.

 Personal Development

This month we are all about the leo energy. Deep diving into ourselves and what makes us uniquely us! The book we have chosen for personal development is Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One by Dr Joe Dispenza

You are not doomed by your genes and hardwired to be a certain way for the rest of your life. A new science is emerging that empowers all human beings to create the reality they choose. In Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, renowned author, speaker, researcher, and chiropractor Dr. Joe Dispenza combines the fields of quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology, and genetics to show you what is truly possible.

Dr. Joe demystifies ancient understandings and bridges the gap between science and spirituality. Through his powerful workshops and lectures, thousands of people in 24 different countries have used these principles to change from the inside out. Once you break the habit of being yourself and truly change your mind, your life will never be the same!

Our hive are so excited to read and review this amazing book this month! We will share our learnings with you in virgo season.


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