Cancer Season

Cancer Season

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 Congratulations Emma ❤️

First and foremost this month we want to congratulate our beautiful creator Emma. Emma has just completed her EFT method training with GALA DARLING. She is now certified and is offering your first session free for Cancer season. If EFT tapping is something you would love to try, connect now and we can book in a time for you. 


Happy Cancer season from all of us in the hive! As the Sun leaves upbeat, speedy Gemini and dips into cool, calm Cancer on June 20, you’re feeling less overwhelmed and more introverted, relaxed, and emotionally in-tune. After a turbulent month in astrology; Mercury retrograde, the eclipses, Saturn and Pluto Retrograde, you're probably feeling as though you could use a break from all the intense energy. Deep breath, it's going to be ok!

Cancer season’s vibes are super low-key, so this is a great month to hit pause and chill for the first time in, maybe what feels like, forever. Take some deep breaths baby, because instead of stressing about the now or worrying about the future, it’s time to rest. What does this month mean for you and your business? This month we're focusing on the internal structures of your business and how it supports you, your time, and your energy.

Cancer In Business

Cancer is the energy you need in your business to create emotional safety and security. If you want true results for you and your customers, you need Cancer energy to create emotional boundaries and safe spaces.⁠ As well as strategies, programs, and protocols that protect those boundaries.

 We need Cancer in our business!

  1. To build physical security – we all deserve to live abundantly

  2. To know that we have enough and are enough

  3. To recognise our value – what do we have to contribute

  4. To build abundance

  5. To create a legacy

 What happens when you don’t use it.

  1. Don’t trust others

  2. We're not trusted as a business

  3. We don’t prioritises self care

  4. We don’t validate our feelings

  5. We don’t trust our intuition

  6. We don’t understand what we need

  7. We don’t value emotional intelligence

Emotional security and belonging is necessary for growth and success in business.


Coaching allows us to unlock a person's potential within their business to maximise their own unique performance. We empower you to learn and grow within your own field rather than just teaching you. This month we can help you go deeper and take a look at how you can create more protection within your business. Looking at where your specific blocks are to cultivating security, manifesting abundance, getting in touch with your vulnerability and help you channel more authenticity into your brand and business.

 Our gift for you in cancer season is offering 30% off our full day of business coaching with Emma.That’s an entire day of maximising your business to its full potential. Reach out to book in as spots are limited. 


Branding is the heart of your business, it's the energy that draws people in.To create safety, you want to create connections on a deeper level with your clients and customers.

Is it time to revisit your branding kit? It's your current brand voice still in alignment with your intentions?

Branding has the potential to allow your customers to see into the heart and soul of your business. By showing up honestly and authentically you create connection and safety within your brand. People know you, they trust you and they're thrilled to invest in your vision. 


This month Kayla has been a busy bee creating websites for Chrysalis Tattoo Alchemy, Honey by Kate Kleine's, Rewild and Prophet Of the Blue Pearl. Kayla’s excellence in websites means your business is optimised as soon as the viewer lands on your page. We asked Kayla what makes a great website? She said-

“ For me it’s about honouring the brand voice and showcasing it with flow and ease for the viewer. Each website is unique and capturing the true essence of the product is what it is all about”. 

 Social Media

This past month during Gemini Season we took a closer look at the Love Loop Socials. Applying the principles of Gemini, we decided it was time to change the way we were showing up, and how we were communicating and posting online. The statistics are amazing. Over 4 weeks we gained an extra 20,000 plus impressions, and a 20% growth that’s pretty impressive! If you’re feeling stuck for ideas on how to reach higher engagement on your social platforms, we would love to chat to you about how we can help.

Our social media team Rhiana and Aaria have been busy onboarding Prophet Of the Blue Pearl, Optimum Thinking, and ATG social media accounts. Both Optimum Thinking and ATG have existing accounts.

We are excited to step into the brand vision and voice and implement our strategies based on industry standards and help them grow their platforms. Prophet of the Blue Pearl is a brand new business where we have the opportunity to build her account from the very beginning.

We recently did a photo shoot for Prophet with Frankiehall Photography at the Glasshouse Mountains. The photo’s look beautiful and we can’t wait to show you them. 

 Ongoing Services

Guess what? We are really excited to announce our ongoing services has been launched! 

Building and nurturing client relationships through ongoing services is a vital component of any business. Our ongoing services have been created with your needs in mind. From Social Media management to ongoing website services, all of our packages are tailored to the individual needs of you and your business.

Changing the structure and flow of your social media platforms can unlock a tremendous amount of potential.

Love Loop's social media engagement has grown 1469% from the previous month by implementing small, but conscious changes. From an email perspective, statistics show that welcome emails alone are rockstar performers! In fact, they can double click-through rates and increase open rates by a whopping 78%.

 Self Development

Last month in gemini season we listened to EQ by Justin Bariso on Audible.

His book teaches you how to channel your strongest feelings in a way that helps, not harms you—or others.Justin Bariso brings the concept of emotional intelligence up to date and into the real world, combining scientific research with high-profile examples and personal stories.  We recommend this book to anyone who wants to dive deep on their emotional reactions and how to gain back control.

This months choice is Existential Kink: Unmask Your Shadow and Embrace Your Power; A Method for Getting What You Want by Getting Off on What You Don't By: Carolyn Elliott PhD

A smart, sexy guide to embracing the repressed, tabooed, and often unwanted aspects of ourselves so we can discover our inner power and finally live the life we deserve, YUM! Perfect for Cancer season!

Each of us has a dual nature: we are light (conscious) and dark (unconscious). The dark side of our personality - the “other”, the shadow side - is made up of what we think is our primitive, primal, negative impulses - our “existential kink.” Our existential kink also drives the dark or negative repeating patterns in our life: always choosing the abusive partner or boss, settling for less, thinking that we’re undeserving, not worthy. But it also is the source of our greatest power. 

We cannot wait to deep dive into this one!

Fun Fact

Australia is wider than the moon. The moon sits at 3400km in diameter, while Australia’s diameter from east to west is almost 4000km.



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