Diving into Pisces Season: Navigating Cosmic Waters in Business

Diving into Pisces Season: Navigating Cosmic Waters in Business


If you were describing Pisces season to a friend, how would you describe it?

Well, it might go something like this: "Wellllll......... Ummmmm.... Possibly..... Maybe......." Pisces season is often met with a sense of contemplation and the need to understand before speaking. It's the ultimate season for introspection and navel-gazing. You see, most people have trouble navigating water sign seasons; water and air create cyclones, water extinguishes fires, or it boils the blood, and it can either nourish the earth or flood it.

So, if I were talking to a friend who isn't particularly well-versed in astrology, I'd say this: "Create your waterway flow NOW! This season, divine energy is entering in abundance to guide you. Cleaning up your 'waterway' before its arrival ensures that the right things get nurtured and watered, and you won't be flooded with an overgrowth of weeds to deal with next month. Create a beautiful waterway with intention."

Key Characteristics of Pisces in Business:

In the astrological journey of the year, Pisces comes after Capricorn and Aquarius. Capricorn which is about reviewing, planning, and getting things done, and Aquarius, which is for sharing plans and recruiting the right people and resources to execute those plans. Pisces, then, is the season for testing those plans with the divine.

For those who haven't planned adequately, navigating business during Pisces season can be challenging. By this time of the year, if you're in sync with universal energy, your long-term goals are being tested for success. This is the time to let things come and go, without being attached to the "how" of your plans. Focus on the "what you want to achieve," and let Pisces work out the "how."

The most risky delusion trap one might fall into in this season is holding on too tightly. "Going with the flow" doesn't mean "not caring"; it means moving with what comes up and allowing yourself to drift where the water takes you.


Influence of Ruling Planets, Neptune and Jupiter:

In Pisces season, it's all about dreaming big and riding the cosmic waves. With Neptune's dreamy touch, we're encouraged to unleash our inner dreamer, explore creative solutions, and let our imaginations run wild. Just remember to keep one foot anchored in reality, because, well, we do have a business to run!

Jupiter's expansive energy is here to remind us that the sky's the limit. Dream as big as you dare, but don't forget to sprinkle in some practical strategies and a dash of emotional sensitivity. It's a balancing act of cosmic proportions!

As the universe stirs up change, seize the opportunity to assess and shed what no longer serves your business. With the right guidance and tools, Pisces season offers a chance to eliminate those stagnant waters and navigate with grace towards growth and transformation.


Practical Steps for Pisces Season:

As we navigate Pisces season, here are some practical steps to consider:

Prepare in final days of Aquarius Season: Use the last days of Aquarius season to organise your team, delegate responsibilities, and strengthen your community and network. It's an ideal time for market testing and sharing your plans.

Reflect and Realign: Dedicate time for introspection. Delve into your desires, fears, and aspirations related to your business. Embrace vulnerability and authenticity while examining your systems, processes, and alignment with your purpose.

Embrace Divine Guidance: In Pisces season, pay close attention to the messages that come your way. Contemplate them with divine guidance in mind, and take swift action.

Manifest Your Desires: Pisces season is a season of manifesting. Lean into the divine energy and let it flow. Call in the things you'd love to be, do, and have. There's abundant prosperity when you align with the cosmic currents and allow everything to flow.

Embrace Creative Solutions: Dive into the creative underbelly of Pisces energy by exploring innovative ideas and fresh approaches within your business. Encourage brainstorming sessions and creative collaborations to unlock new perspectives.

Foster Emotional Resilience: Recognise the importance of emotional resilience in navigating the highs and lows of business ownership. Practice mindfulness techniques to cultivate inner peace and emotional stability, enabling you to steer your entrepreneurial ship with grace.

Unify Your Message: Pisces' mutable nature calls for a unified and purposeful message. Evaluate what's working and what isn't in your business. Align your messaging with your unique identity and values, and carry this clarity into the next quarter.


In conclusion, Pisces season may be a time of contemplation and introspection, but it's also a season of immense potential. By understanding its unique qualities and harnessing its energies, you can navigate these cosmic waters with grace and emerge with newfound clarity and prosperity. So, embrace the season, go with the flow, and manifest your dreams.


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